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CDH260 Series Pressure transmitter
 Product Description :

CDH260  Series Pressure transmitter


The new 2006T series pressure transmitter produced by ABB company,which use the newest technology in the world are considering the most various pressure measure products in the current market.Hangzhou Delixi Group signed the knocked down cooperation CDH 2006T series.

CDH2600T multi-functional pressure transmitter adopt the most advanced imported accessories such as composite tiny silicom solid transducer,and electronice board from ABB company.


-Measure:gauge pressure,differential pressure ,absolute preSsure,runoff,liquid level and remote-transmitting pressure

-Accuracy:0.04%,0.075%,measuring range ration:100:1

-Maximun static pressure:41Mpa

-Maximum overvoltage:90Mpa

-Surrounding temperature:-40~8°C

-Stability:+-0.1%URl/36 months,5years stability

-Power supply:10.5~42V

-Output:HART/4-20mA,profibus-PA,Foundation Fieldbus

-Material of DOS shell :allminium alloy stainless steel,aluminiym alloy without copper is available

-Head of the meter :liquid linearity,0~100%

-The influence of vibration:less than 0.1%URL

-Comply with IEC61298-3

-Degrees of protection:dustproof ,waterproof IP67

-Explosion -proof authentication:ExiaIICT5,ExdIICT5


Petrochemical,food,medicine,electrical power,papermaking,metallurgy and environment industries

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