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Honeycomb ceramic substrate (Used In Vehicle)
 Product Description :
Honeycomb ceramic substrate (Used In Vehicle)

Honeycomb ceramic substrate is made of cordierite, and it is used for car catalytic converter. We can supply both ceramic element coated with noble metals of Pt, Pd, Rh and ceramic element without noble metals.

1. The honeycomb ceramic substrate have a very competive substrates.

2. We can produce 100CPSI, 200CPSI,400CPSI,600CPSI can be in the shape of round ,racetrack and ovral.

3.Specification can be customerlized, as the the customers requirement.

4.can be coated with the catalyst and the noble metal as the customers emission standards:Euro II, EuroIII and EuroIV and EPA standard and the Cariforlia  standards.

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