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CDI9200 series Universal Frequency Inverter
 Product Description :
DELIXI CDI-9200 power 160kw frequency  converter

Product features

-Controled by 32bit high-performance DSP

-Perfect current output

-13kinds of  set frequencies

-RS485 communication

-CE approved

Technical Specification of CD19200 Series


Control method

Control method of space voltage vector

Frequency setting resolution

Digital quantity: 0.0.Hz (under100 Hz), 0.1 Hz (over 100 Hz)

Analogue quantity: 0.05Hz / 50 Hz, output frequency range: 0-400 Hz

Frequency accuracy

Digital quantity: 0.01% of maximum output frequency

Analogue quantity: 0.1% of maximum output frequency

V / F curve

Linearity, square root, any V / F

Overload capacity

Rated current150%-1 minute, rated current 200% -0.5 second

Torque compensation

Manual torque compensation (0-30%), automatic torque compensation


Signal input

Operating method

Keyboard / terminal / RS485 communication

Frequency setting

Analogue: 0-10V /0~5V, 2~10V / 4-20 Ma /0-20 Ma

Digital: Keyboard / RS485 communication

Starting signal

Forward rotation, reverse rotation

Multi-segment speed

8 speeds available at most (using multi-functional terminal)

Time of acceleration and deceleration

0-60000 second(s). Time of acceleration and deceleration can be switched.

Method of acceleration and deceleration: Linearity, S-type

Emergency stop

Termination of frequency convertor output


Slow operation

Automatic operation

Automation operation based on setting parameters (7-segment speed)

Fault resetting

While the protective function is in the effective state, fault resetting can be automatically made.

Signal output

Operating state

Frequency detection level, overload alarm, overvoltage, under-voltage, overheat of frequency convertor, operation, stop, constant speed, operation of automatic program

Fault output

Contact output: AC 250V 1A, DC 30V 1A

Analogue output

Select from output frequency, output current, output voltage, VF1, VF2, VF1–VF2 (output voltage:0-10V, output current: 0~20mA or 4~20Ma)

Operating function

DC braking, frequency limitation, frequency hopping, slip compensation, reversal protection, PID control, etc.

Protective function

Protection of frequency convertor

Constant speed over-current, acceleration over-current, constant speed overvoltage, deceleration overvoltage, module fault protection, under-voltage, overheat, overload, external fault protection, EEPROM fault protection

Alarm of frequency convertor

Locked-rotor protection, overload alarm, temperature sensor fault

Instant power failure

Less than 15 milliseconds: continue to operate

More than 15 milliseconds: allow restarting automatically



Operating message

Setting frequency, output current, output voltage, bus-bar voltage, input signal, feedback value, module temperature, output frequency, synchronous motor, etc.

Error message

4 fault messages will be kept while the fault protection is in the running state.


Environment temperature

-10oC ~ 40oC

Storage temperature

-20oC ~ 65oC

Environment temperature

Maximum 90% RH (without condensation)


Under 1,000m, under 5.9 meters / second2 (0.6G)

Scope of application

Non-corrosive gases, inflammable gases, oil mist, dust or others

Cooling method

Forced air cooling

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